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Our Mission At Mama's Custom Creations

Mama’s Custom Creations is dedicated to providing our customers with a unique keepsake as a remembrance of their departed loved one, an incredible breastfeeding journey, or a remarkable occasion.

Our Why

The owner, Ciera, established her crafting business in 2018. Utilizing her creative abilities, she provides her customers with an abundant array of handmade crafts and gifts. These products consist of wood, canvas, paint, digital art, and more. 
In 2021 she birthed her son, Mateo, thus beginning their breastfeeding journey. Like the copious mothers before her, Ciera encountered difficulties during her breastfeeding experience. With Mateo struggling to latch, she decided to strictly pump after a couple of months. This was a difficult transition as she hoped to experience a skin-to-skin relationship with her son.
Feeling proud and accomplished, Ciera wanted to create something to remember their 9-month journey. This was the inspiration and enthusiasm for developing her breastmilk jewelry line.  In order to share this magical experience with others, Ciera began to create products incorporating ashes, flowers, hair, and even pregnancy tests.
Mama’s Custom Creations has given Ciera a sense of purpose and connection to others. Her drive and motivation to succeed are not only for herself but for her family. At Mama’s Custom Creations, we understand the importance of family and look forward to creating keepsakes for you and yours.

Mama's Customs Creations Core Values


We strive to convey the utmost respect and sympathy when communicating regarding our products as we know how meaningful our pieces are for our customers. 

Family Oriented

Family is the fuel, motivation, and consideration of every decision we make. Our family as well as yours are very important to us.


We work hand in hand with each customer, respecting their individual wishes. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a unique piece, made just for them.


Memories are an essential part of our lives. Our company’s main aspect is preserving these authentic and genuine moments and events. We are honored to create such meaningful pieces for our customers.

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We Love To Make Special Memories For People